Parga, the jewel of the Ionian, with a population of 3,000 inhabitants, is located in southwestern Greece and is bathed by the blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

The rich history, the greenery and the picturesque alleys-houses, as well as the many taverns-cafes-small shops, will enchant you at first sight. 

Just opposite the city there is the picturesque Island of Panagia on which a church is built as well as medieval Venetian and French buildings. 

About fifteen kilometers from Parga is the most important ancient monument in the area. This is the most important necromancy of antiquity, the Necromancy of Acheron. The ancient Greeks believed that the springs of Acheron river  were the Gates of the Underworld.

Sightseeing in the area

It ideally takes 6-7 days to get to know its beauties.

The island of Panagia in Parga

This green island is located right in front of the port of Parga, at a very short distance, which you can travel even by swimming. The Island of Panagia owes its name to the church of Panagia with its characteristic bell tower, which is located there.

Venetian castle

The castle is illuminated and the public can visit it. In the central area, two main buildings have been reconstructed that host theatrical performances, exhibitions as well as crowds. In the Castle there is a refreshment-cafe, an exhibition space where a photo exhibition is housed.

The Castle of Ali Pasha

It is a massive and imposing building, built in 1814 and has been maintained in very good condition, bringing to life the images of that time to its visitors. The castle is accessible by car and during your tour you can see the underground tanks, the arsenal and the rooms of Ali Pasha, with the fireplace and the cupboards. On the north side there are two bastions and a scaffolding to protect the entrance.

The location offers a stunning view of the Ionian Islands.

Acheron springs

Acheron, due to the Necromancy of Acheron, the ancient tradition and the environmental value attracts thousands of visitors from its springs to its estuary.

In Acheron various activities take place such as canoeing, kayaking and rafting while there is the possibility of crossing the river to its mouth at Ammoudia, with a suitable point of descent the Straits of Acheron.

Also with appropriate equipment, the Acheron gorge is crossed.

Day trip to Paxos

From the port pier you can visit Paxos by boat.

The picturesque fishing villages, the stunning beaches and the sense of luxury that the island exudes will enchant you during your visit.


You can also visit the beautiful Lefkada, the green island with endless sandy beaches, the endless blue, the white rocks and the dense green.

In Lefkada you will find the famous beach of Porto Katsiki.

Anthousa Waterfall – Watermill

You can also visit the waterfall of Anthousa and the picturesque watermill just 700 meters away from Studio Konstantinos.

In an idyllic location drowned in the green and under the shade of age-old plane trees, one can admire this simple stone ornament of the Continental Architecture and feel something from the way of life of the last century.

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