Studios Konstantinos

Studios Konstantinos are located at a distance of 1000-1500 m. From Parga, to the village of Anthousa.

Check-in until 13:00 – Check-out until 12:00

You can, in consultation with the studios, leave after 12:00 with an extra charge, if this is possible.

Arrival by car

Northern Greece

By car you can reach Parga via the national road Igoumenitsa – Preveza or using the section of Egnatia from Ioannina to Vasiliko or Igoumenitsa.

From Thessaloniki the distance is 330 km and thanks to the Egnatia Odos, the distance has been significantly reduced.

Eastern Greece

By car you can reach Parga via the Ionian Road taking the exit for Filippiada.


The area is served by air from Aktio Preveza Airport and Corfu Airport.

In addition to the regular flights to and from cities in Greece and abroad, during the summer there are also charter flights from abroad.

Contact your local travel agency for flight information.


The port of Igoumenitsa connects us with Italy-Europe for those who want to come by car.

From the ports of Brindisi and Ancona in Italy, passenger ships operate regular services to and from the port of Igoumenitsa.

From there you can reach Parga by car or taxi.

If you have a private boat, in the port of Parga you can refuel and get supplies.

Intercity bus

The city of Parga is served by the intercity KTEL buses of the prefecture of Preveza (to which Parga also belongs), and stop in the center of Parga. There are daily itineraries for your easy arrival.


Itineraries from Athens station
Via Rio – Antirrio
Kifissos street 100, Telephone: 210.5129252
Distance 420 km.


Itineraries from Thessaloniki station
Telephone: 2310.500111
Distance 310 km.


Itineraries from Preveza station
205A Ioannina Ave
Phones: 26820.22213 – 26820.61332


Itineraries from Patras station
Via Rio – Antirrio
Telephone: 2610.623887
Distance 221 km


Itineraries from Ioannina station
Bizaniou 26
Phone: 26510.25014
Distance 152 km.


Itineraries from Arta station
Phones: 26810.74926 – 26810.27348
Distance 110 km.


Itineraries from Igoumenitsa station
Phone: 26650.22309
Distance 48 km.

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